Monday, May 21, 2012

One Shot, One Kill

Hey everyone,

Today I have a shiny new Ratling Sniper to show off.
I have had a squad of these guys sitting around since they were released but the Imperial Guard army I had been planning at the time fell to the wayside (as army ideas so often do). I love the sculpts on these guys though, they have so much character to them and are almost like mini vignettes.

My dad has always wanted a miniature to display in his office so he can show off what I do. The last time I made something for him I was 12 and it consisted of packing Styrofoam for buildings, the metal Cadians and the old 2nd edition plastic Chaos Marines, so even though it may be several years to late I figured I would make one for his birthday. After rummaging around through my bitx box I found these guys and decided they were perfect. I picked two I really liked, painted one up for my dad and the other one I'm thinking of using for the Golden Demon.

I wanted a display pedestal for my dad's mini but didn't want to wait for it to ship to me and couldn't find any local retailers who sold anything usable. Luckily after awhile I found a few things around my apartment I could use to make a passable pedestal. Its a large round base from GW, a large base from Privateer Press and a container from the very first Citidal basing kit. I added the barbed wire in later during the painting phase as I thought the base looked a little unbalanced.

I was going for a more realistic vibe with this guy and tried to use more muted colors and weathering powders on his base. He was kind of a test run for my Golden Demon piece. The base is built out of milliput and random bits and pieces.

I finished him a few days ago but have been waiting for my dad to receive it in the mail before I posted anything about it and ruined the surprise. I did put it up on CMoN though, and sadly it only has a 6.7 after 31 votes. Sometimes I just don't get the people who vote on that site, this guy is not the best thing I have ever done but I would say he is at least a high 7.

After he was done I spent a long time trying to get the best pictures I could and experimented with a gradient on the background which I think helps the model pop more. Just for fun I decided to make a "in universe" photo of him.

As always be sure to vote from him on CMoN, and lets try and get him to an 8 if you think he deserves it. If not let me know why, since he was partially a test run for a competition piece feedback is sorely needed.

Tyler M.

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