Friday, May 18, 2012

Stalkers and Website Update

So I have finished another one of my Stalkers for my Tomb Kings, I'll let the pictures do the speaking.

In other news I have updated the site slightly. The galleries have been updated with some of the models I have been posting for the past few months that I feel are good enough quality to showcase.

I have also updated my commission info. I will not be accepting new commissions for awhile due to an increased work load (at that dreaded "real" job) and the approach of the Golden Demons. As I really want to bring home a trophy this year I will be directing most of my painting time towards that. I will most likely be open to commissions again in August after Games Day. As for anyone who I currently have commissions with I will of course be finishing those and then talking to you personally about future projects.

Expect an update with pictures within the next week. 

Tyler M.

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  1. Very nice! I like the effect on the eyes. I like the Verdigris on the armour too, do you mind sharing your recipe?