Monday, February 13, 2012

Space Marines and Tomb Kings

A little bit of a mixed bag for today's post. I started working on updating a pair of Black Templar Sword Brethren I had painted for the store back when they were first released. So far I just have one finished, but this lets you compare the two and see where I improved them.

New Guy:

Old Guy:

As you can see its nothing too drastic. I mostly focused on making the highlights on the capes and armor tighter and brighter, re did the face, weapons, tabard and added a lighting effect to the lantern. I also gave him a templar cross on his chest because I thought it looked cool. Oh, and I repainted the base to be more subtle. I plan on adding OSL to the lightning claws on guy number two once I get to him as well.

Secondly I have some semi WIP shots of my Tomb Kings Chariots.

Everything is actually done on this guy except for the crew. I am painting the other two in the unit before I touch any of the crew.

Hopefully I will have another update by tomorrow with the Fire Giant King I have been painting for a client. Right now I am just working on the base.

Until then,

Tyler M.


  1. I always enjoy seeing before and after pics. Thanks for sharing them. Even if your "progress" isn't dramatic, it's still a step forward at getting better.

    Nice work Sir.
    Ron, FTW

  2. I really like the turquoise on the chariot, will look awesome when they have had the crew added.