Saturday, February 18, 2012


I finished up a pair of commissions the other day, a western halfling and a model called King of the Fire Giants.

This halfing has to be one of my favorite commissions I've done, so unique and full of character. The client asked me just to copy the color scheme from the website, which I was happy to do as it was a pretty good color scheme. The model is from Victoria Lamb Miniatures, check out her stuff here.

The second model is a Giant from Reaper. He is supposed to be the king of the Fire Giants. I was pretty much given free reign with how to paint this model. The "official" scheme on the Reaper site has him with charcoal black skin and all gold armor. I obviously decided to go in a different direction. I got to test out a lot of more advanced techniques on this guy such as trying to make his skin look more tanned than what I'm used to paitning. That mostly involved starting from a darker and richer basecoat and using several sepia and Ogryn Flesh glazes. I also tinkered around with some blending on the red. I just picked up some Drying Retarder from Reaper and used it as an opportunity to blend the red from blazing oranges to mecharite to scab red. I think I got a pretty smooth transition. I tried to make the sword look like obsidian but also added a marble effect to it to make it a little more interesting. The base was another issue and the client decided that he wanted a lava base but where the lava looks like it already cooling.

Here's a close up on the blending on the red.

Let me know what you think.

Be sure to vote for the Giant on CMoN here and the Halfling here.


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  1. They both look great. I'm a big fan of Victoria Lamb's stuff. I particularly like what you did with the vest.