Friday, December 30, 2011

Blast From the Past: Part 1

Happy Holidays everyone! One of the joys of the holidays is going back home and sorting through my many bitz boxes I collected as a teenager. Its pretty much like going on a shopping spree where everything is free. I also came across several painted models from the past and I thought I would take pictures and share it with everyone so people can see where I started out.

These first few models are from my very first 40k army, my Ultramarines. I had over 2,000 points of them but these 3 were the only ones I could find. I worked on this army from about when I was 11-12 or 13.

Coming up next post I have some marines from my first Chaos army, some test schemes for armies that never came to fruition and a few abandoned projects from over the years. I hope you enjoy these pictures and I hope it shows that no matter how good of a painter you are with practice and patience anyone can vastly improve themselves.


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