Sunday, October 23, 2011

Astral Claws

I have finally finished the last member of my first tactical squad, my army is now game legal!

Although I don't think it would do very well with:

Armaneus Valthex
10 Tactical Marines with a Multi -Melta, Melta gun and vet with power sword and plasma pistol
5 Scouts with Power Sword
5 Assault Marines with Power Sword

Anyway, here is the last member.

I was going for more of a Techmarine in training look for him. The bionic arm and eye are made from plastic rod and green stuff. I also tried to give his armor more of an ornate, reinforced look to it. The shoulder plate has the Maelstrom Wardens symbol on it but its really chipped so its hard to see.

Let me know what you think. Next up for these guys is a squad of Assault Terminators, but with the pace this army has been going at don't expect them any time soon.



  1. Great model, when do we get a group shot?

  2. Thanks! Soon, once I adjust all of their bases.

  3. love the source lighting, man i wish i could do stuff this good.

    btw, epic crotch-shield.