Friday, October 14, 2011


As promised here are some pictures of the commissions I have recently finished.

First up we have some dwarfs. I was commissioned to paint up a group of dwarfs for a D&D game, there are 4 total but he wanted these two done first. The only guidelines I was given was they had to have similar bases and the Slayer needed green hair.

This first guy is an Enigma Miniature.

The "Slayer" is from Avatars of War. It was a nice sculpt, the only problems I had with it was that some of the detail was a little flat and hard to distinguish, and the mohawk didn't fit at all. I had to putty it on.

Speaking of flat detail, this guy really was a pain. I was pretty excited about him at first because it looked like a super sweet model, but it has so many layers of cloth and belts and buckles and nothing to really differentiate them. In the end though I am pretty happy with how he turned out. This guy is also from Enigma I believe.

And this last guy was fun mostly just because he was a break from the sci-fi/fantasy genre. He is part of a zombie hunter range.

That's it for now, comments and crit welcome and be sure to vote for the 2 dwarfs on CMoN here and here.


Tyler Mengel

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