Sunday, August 14, 2011

Liche Priest

Here is the Liche Priest I promised. Finished this guy a week or two ago and just never got around to taking any photos of him.

This is my first Finecast model and unfortunately there was a problem. His staff was bent almost into a half circle and no matter how many times I used hot water to try and unbend it, it always had a curve to it. On the positive side though GW was kind enough to send me a whole new model (thus providing me with a second liche priest) and this one got a sword from the Tomb Guard box. This isn't painted super good since I want him to blend in with the rest of the army a bit (plus I feel like the molding on this guy was a little off besides just the staff). I like the base a lot though and think I am going to make scenic bases for all the heroes in this army.

Until next time, enjoy, and be sure to vote on CMoN here.

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