Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From Beneath the Sands...

I have finished the first set of miniatures from my first foray into Warhammer Fantasy, the Tomb Kings!

My first painted unit are the Tomb Guard. After looking through the new Tomb Kings army book I decided I really liked the look of the art, all washed out sepia with only turquoise elemnets picked out. To try and emulate that on the models I made their colors white and turquoise. The white, bone, gold and bronze are all similar enough that it makes the turquoise pop, but different enough that they don't blend together. I also decided to make them look aged with verdigris and 'rust' type effects. I know gold doesn't tarnish, but whatever, this is a fantasy setting, and it adds to the effect. For the rank and file of the army I have gone for a Tabletop quality to get them done faster (the amount of models required for fantasy has been the main reason I have stayed away from it), the characters and monsters, etc will get a higher level of painting to make them stand out.

I have started gluing together the first unit of spear men skellies and have also assembled a liche priest and made my army standard bearer, whom I am particularly proud of.

He is a combination of parts from the Tomb Guard, the Warsphinx and the Necropolis Knights. All the parts go together veryyyyy well, pretty seamless. I think he looks worthy of being my Tomb King's champion. I haven't thought of a suitable name for him yet (mostly because my knowledge of ancient Egyptian names is a little rusty) but I already know his title is going to be "the Blind". I like the idea that the champion carries a gigantic, almost executioner type axe and is blind. Has the whole "Justice is Blind" feel to it. He also looks like a badass, so thats good to.

My Tomb Kings is going to be based off of the plastic one from the Warsphinx (great sculpt) mounted on a chariot, since I feel chariots have the real Egyptian feel of this army. I am going to give him a death mask from the Tomb Guard box and call him "Something the Vain." Overall I am pretty excited for this army, but have no experiance with list building for Fantasy, so any assistance would be appreciated.

Until next time, enjoy.

~Tyler M.


  1. great stuff dude. I saw your card at Dragon's Lair.

  2. Looks fantasic, any chance you could me what colours you used, and was it a black or white undercoat? Many thanks