Thursday, August 19, 2021

Mengel's AoS3 Destruction Wishlist

With a new edition of Age of Sigmar now out in the world, that also means new Battletomes are approaching, and with them, hopefully new models! Destruction is king of the hill this edition, so I figured I would take a look at what units I would like to see new models for in the rowdiest Grand Alliance.

First off, a quick disclaimer. Yes, I do a bit of stuff with GW for the Warhammer Community site, but I don't get to see anything ahead of time or anything like that. Also, as some of you may or may not have known, I was on the AoS play testing team, but I left it awhile ago and have no knowledge of what's coming in the future anymore. This is all genuine speculation and wish listing on my part. Also, I won't be touching on Orruks, as they're about to get a new Battletome. With that out of the way, let's get the show on the road!

1. Ogor Heroes

I'm a big fan of ogors, especially the Gutbusters. They also happen to have some of the oldest models in the Destruction faction. They still mostly look good, but I do think it's time for some of them to get an update, especially anything still in finecast. I highly doubt we'll see much of the plastic kits redone, since they all use the same basic structure with their arms, allowing you to swap parts pretty seamlessly, even with the newer Beastclaw stuff that released in 8th edition.

All of the heroes on foot, outside of the Tyrant which recently got a new model, are all finecast though. I think the next obvious choice for a redo would be the Butcher. They're such an important part of the army and the lore, and they could do some really awesome stuff with the new plastic technology. If it got redone I imagine it would be a dual kit with options for both the Butcher and the Slaughtermaster. The other alternative is that the Slaughtermaster is dropped entirely and we just get the Butcher. The Firebelly could also get redone, and they could REALLY go all out on this one with the flames, but it's a fairly new sculpt, so I could also see them leaving it alone for right now.

2. Ogor Maneaters

The Maneaters have been some of the coolest and most unique Ogor models since they first came out in 6th edition. Unfortunately they're all finecast, and each sold seperately. This is another kit that would be ripe for a plastic update. Just think of all of the bits they could cram into those frames so you can customize each Maneater to look unique. I could also see them using this as an opportunity to introduce some mercenary rules for the unit, allowing other armies to take them. That would fit their lore too. 

3. The Gorger

This has to be the most visually dated model in the whole Ogor range. It's pose is very 6th edition, and it doesn't really fit in visually with the rest of the range. I imagine a plastic model would still be one pose, but I think it could be improved a lot. I would also love to see it brought more in line with the lore. This is supposed to be an ogor wracked by starvation and driven mad, but at the moment it doesn't really look like an ogor at all, and those 6-pack abs don't really scream starvation to me. Alternatively, the artwork above is also very cool. I really like the primal feel of it there, and the almost gorilla like stature of it.

4. Yhetees

Plastic Yhetees would be amazing! They could do so much cool stuff with the poses and the ice weapons. I kind of see these being lower on the list though since most of the Beastclaw range is pretty recent and there's so much Gutbuster stuff to update first. I would love to see it though.

5. Moonclan Grots

Moving on from Ogors, I think the rank and file Moonclan Grots could use a bit of an upgrade. Most of the Moonclan stuff all got updated with the last battletome, so these are really the only old kit still in use. They're still pretty good sculpts though, but differ in style and size from the new Moonclan stuff. I do kind of like their simplicity right now. Sometimes that's a benefit when you have to paint 100 of them, but I would also love to see them brought more in line with the newer stuff. They could really push the dark fairy tale aspect of them. Even just looking at the new handlers from the Squig Herds as an example.

6. Spider Riders

The other Moonclan unit that could see a bit of an update would be the Spider Riders. You can really tell that they were sculpted to rank up on square bases with how neat and tidy the spiders' legs are on them. Again, the current sculpts are fine, and plastic already, but I would love to see what they could do with modern sculpting on them!

7. Gitmob Grots

Lastly I have a bit of a long shot. I would LOVE to see Gitmob Grots make a return. The wolf riders from Underworlds are wonderful sculpts and show just what they could do with an entire range. I don't know if we need regular rank and file grots, since that would make them pretty similar to Moonclan. An entire army of wolf mounted grots and chariots would be fantastic though. Just really lean into that for army composition and aesthetic. 

That's it for my Destruction wishlist for AoS3. What do you think about this list? What would you be most excited to see? What did I leave off that you would include?

Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

Tyler M.

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