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Mini of the Year Voting

Every Friday I have my Mini of the Week post, where I find a mini from around the web that I think stands out as exemplary or just catches my eye. 2015 was the first full year of this feature, and to celebrate it today I have the first Mini of the Year contest! You, the viewer, get to pick your favorite mini from this past year and see if it can win out as the top mini from 2015.

Since there is a new Mini of the Week every week that would be way too many models to look through for voting. To simplify it down I have already gone ahead and picked the top 10 models based on the number of views they received. These are presented in no particular order. Take a look through the most popular models from the past year and choose your favorite. I have included a little blurb from the original post for each model as well as a link back to the original post if you want to read the whole thing. Without further ado...

The Top 10 Minis of the Year

Putrid Warrior by KiK

What can I say, I really love all the End Times models and the Putrid Blightkings have to be one of my favorite. I haven't seen many super high quality paint jobs on them yet, since most of what I've seen out there was somewhat rushed so they could sell them within a week or so of release. This guy though is awesome. It's classic Nurgle green...

"Don't Move a Muscle" by Alberto Forni

I found this diorama a few weeks ago and instantly was taken by how cinematic it was. I figured in the spirit of Jurassic World being the number one movie in the world right now, this would be rather fitting. Lizardmen have always been one of my favorite races in Warhammer. There's just something really cool about dinosaur Aztecs...

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Chaos War Mammoth by Awaken Realms

What's not to like about this model? The Forge World Chaos War Mammoth is already a great model and the paint job on this is top notch. Really, every part of this is painted very well. The skin truly looks raw and all of the colors are suitably realistic looking. The stand out part of this mini (can you even call this a mini?) is the base and diorama it's in...

Skaven Warbringer by FrankenNerd

This is definitely the best looking Vermin Lord I have seen since the new plastic kit came out. Pretty much every professional level paint job I have seen for it have relied way too heavily on airbrush techniques. For me an airbrush is a tool to help you attain an end result similar to this, you don't want it to look like it was painted with an airbrush...

Sigmar Lord-Celestant by cheunhaw

I have been on the look out for some great looking Age of Sigmar models on Cool Mini or Not or Putty and Paint, but besides a few fairly good units here or there I hadn't found anything that really stood out with a wow factor. Then I came across this model...

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Blood Angels Battle Brothers by glazed over

Wow, what can I say about this diorama. I guess I'll start with the composition. This has a very classic GW codex cover feel to it. The group of Marines standing in a last stand stance with a pyramidal structure so you can see each one. It's not super dynamic, except for maybe those Death Company, but it just works...

Necron Overlord by Jay Goldfinch

I wasn't to sure about this new sculpt when it first came out, the scythe just didn't seem too Necrony to me. I have to say though, after seeing this paint job I've changed my mind. This paint scheme is awesome! I always wondered what the color scheme the studio used on the Necron vehicles would look like on the infantry sized guys...

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Crimson Fists First Company Captain by Yellow One

The name is Bondius, Jamieus Bondius. I'm sure almost everyone has seen this model by now, the 2015 Crystal Brush winner, and rightfully so. The detail on this guy is astounding. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the marine himself is about six inches tall. I was lucky enough to see this in person and even then it's hard to take it all in...

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Eversor Assassin, painted by Ben Komets, sculpted by Mati Zander

The first thing I need to point out about this model is that it's roughly 54mm tall and completely scratch built. I think it's always interesting when someone takes our heroic scale models and upscales them into more realistic proportions. What's even more interesting is how it was built by one person and painted by another. Ben Komets is an astounding painter and a multiple Golden Demon winner and this model is no different...

Imperial Fist Veteran Sergeant by Thor Intararangson

This model is so simple, yet almost perfect for it. The pose is not over the top, and with the options available in the marine kits nowadays most likely has very little sculpting work. The yellow is a perfect muted yellow, but not as mustardy as I have seen sometimes. All of the blending is very smooth and pretty much flawless. All of these things make a great miniature, but what really stands out to me are just a handful of things...

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Those are all of the entries for the past year, now it's up to you to pick who the overall winner is! Choose your favorite one below and next Wednesday the winner will be announced. Voting will close on next Tuesday.

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