Friday, March 20, 2015

Mini of the Week 3-20-15

Welcome back to Mini of the Week, where every Friday I will find a miniature from around the web that exemplifies an aspect of our hobby and share it with you.

Commander Culn by David Rodriguez on Putty and Paint

Today's Mini of the Week is this great version of Commander Culn. I thought it only fitting considering how I am playing in a Badab War narrative campaign today. This model was never one of my favorites from Forge World. It was one of their first character sculpts and it shows. The pose is kind of stiff and awkward and the face was horrible. David has vastly improved the model though with the addition of a new head in place of the standard one. All of the painting is very smooth and crisp. I'm a big fan of how the face was painted. It looks very alive and realistic with all the red tones incorporated into it.

The yellows are nicely subdued compared to the standard Red Scorpions color scheme. I have always found it somewhat distracting considering how dark the rest of the colors are. Here though it straddles the line between a yellow and a non-metallic metal. The style is very close to the 'Eavy Metal style of painting, which of course is a favorite of mine. This is definitely my favorite version of Culn that I've seen. Lugft Huron would be honored to humble this model with defeat. All hail the Tyrant!

Be sure to check out more views of it on Putty and Paint and show the artist some love if you like it.

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Tyler M.

What do you think of this model? If you have any models or have seen any around the web that you feel deserve to be the Mini of the Week feel free to send them to me at with the title "Mini of the Week" and a brief description of how you painted it or a link to where you found it. There is also a dedicated board on the Mengel Miniatures Forum for Mini of the Week where you can discuss past entries or post of minis you think are deserving of the title.

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