Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Painting List of Shame

Hey everyone, I know it has been a really long time since I have posted here at all and sadly I do not have any shiny new photos to share with you today. Instead I figured I would post up something that is a common problem amongst us painters, my to paint list.

With no Golden Demon this year (very upset about that) I can focus back on painting what ever catches my interest (or maybe finish up an army or two). I had been working on a rather elaborate Tomb King on Chariot model for Golden Demon almost non stop for the past 2 months but now I can slow my pace on that. Rest assured I will still be working on it, but I no longer have a looming deadline to hit with it. I was also going to keep it hush hush until right before I entered it, but I guess now there is no harm in posting up some logs here. I am not going to keep it secret for another year until they (hopefully) bring back the Golden Demons (in some revamped mode I'm assuming) or for the Crystal Brush (which I will probably enter in anyway.)

Here is your sneak peak:

I will post up some more step by steps with how I built this and my thought process on it later. I have not reached the painting stage yet.

Well back on topic, my painting list. I recently got Mortarion for my birthday from a friend which has motivated me to work on my Primarchs more. The release of 40k 7th edition has also caused me to look at what I have left to paint for my 2 armies there so I can field some awesome Unbound lists.

Without further ado, my painting list by category.


-Angron (half finished already)
-Ferrus Manus

Tomb Kings:

-Tomb King on Chariot (almost done being converted)
-Tomb Prince (built)
-Casket of Souls (almost done being built, probably next to be painted)
-Necrosphinx (half built)
-Screaming Skull Catapult

40K Nurgle

-9 Veteran Traitor Guard (built)
-Chimera (half built)
-2 Leman Russes (built, needs more Chaos-ifying)
-5 Dark Vengeance Chosen (half way converted to Nurgle)
-20 Cultists
-10 Plague Zombies (built and primed)
-2 Terminators (built and primed)
-4 Plaguebearers (half built)
-3 Nurgling Bases
-Finish touching up the bases on half my army to be cohesive
-1 Warhound Titan (salvaged from someone so needs work)

Astral Claws

-Terminator Chaplain (built)
-Corien Sumatris (almost done being converted)
-2 Sternguard (half way painted)
-4 Assault Terminators (one built)
-10 Tactical Marines (5 of which are built, converted and primed)
-2 Bikes (1 built)
-1 Attack Bike
-1 Predator (built)
-1 Land Raider
-1 Land Speeder Storm
-1 Land Speeder
-1 Thunderhawk (built)


-Necron Tomb Stalker (for a friend, half painted)
-Island of Blood Skaven Warlord
-2 Island of Blood Skaven Rat Ogres
-Wright King (primed)
-Konrad Von Carstein (basecoated kind of)
-I'm sure much more I can't recall.

Wow, looking at it all thats quite a lot. I think its time for me to stop purchasing stuff until I catch up a bit more or start selling some of it off. Right now Angron and the Tomb Stalker are on my painting table and will probably be followed by Mortarion and the Casket of Souls. Some of these are quicker paints then others (such as the zombies, cultists, etc.) while others are display pieces (Primarchs, Tomb King, all characters). My Astral Claws have always been my slow burn project and will probably continue to be, I love them, but need to be motivated to work on them. At the moment as far as armies go I would really like to finish what I have for my Tomb Kings and a bit more for my Nurgle stuff. 

Hopefully this will shame me into working on more of this and actually finishing it. Maybe I will update this list every month or 2 to alleviate my shame a bit. How does my list compare to yours?

Until next time,

Tyler M.