Monday, March 3, 2014

Art of the Badab War

Hey everyone, no new models today, but I do have some artwork I created for my Astral Claws. I actually made the first of these back when the new Marine Codex was released and realized I never posted them here.

The first one I made was as a teaser for my upcoming progress on my Claws since I hadn't worked in them for probably about a year. I decided to make the first one reflect an earlier stage in the Badab War when the Maelstrom Warders were just fomenting their rebellion and still viewed themselves as the good guys.

This was a lot of fun to make. I sketched out a couple of ideas before I settled on this one. The Warders symbol was made in Illustrator to get the smoothest lines that I could. All of the textures, colors and layout was done in Photoshop.

With the second one I wanted to reflect a darker nature to the first one. I kept the same dimensions and colors but darkened everything down and added suitable dirt and blood to show the desperate situation that the Astral Claws found themselves in later in the war. This also happens to be one of my favorite quotes from Huron.

This went through a few iterations before I settled on the final design. Originally there was a lot more wear and tear as well as some bullet holes but they did not translate well to print so I scrapped them in favor or a simpler design to keep everything coherent across print and digital.

This final one started out as me just photographing my Battlefleet Gothic fleet. I started messing around with putting the Battle Barge against a field of stars and originally just intended to use that as a "sketch" for a more professional final image. Funnily enough though my "sketch" turned into the final image without having to start over. I had a lot of fun with this one but it is also the hardest one to get to translate over to print. I still haven't gotten it worked out 100% but any changes will be minor. I plane on making more of these for my Astral Claws, kind of along the lines of what Forge World does in their book. I might even try my hand at doing something like this with my Tomb Kings.

I hope these were worth the visit to my site. I really enjoy doing stuff like this and plan on doing at least several more when I get the time.

Until next time,

Tyler M.


  1. I really do love the second poster, such a cool strong image. I'd love the idea of making a mini dex for my own army, it looks like your well on your way. Have you tried doing any model shots of your troops, similar to the gw box art?

  2. Still wish you would sell some of these bad boys for the Badab lovers out there.