Saturday, March 30, 2013

Brainnnnssss for the Plague God

Hey everyone, here today with some quick updates on some of my Nurgle stuff I have been working on for the past few months.

Some of these were actually done quite awhile ago, mostly some of the Plaguebearers, but I never got around to taking pictures. First up I have 3 more Plaguebearers for a grand total of 4 now. These guys are a lot of fun but take 8+ hours a model and I have decided to enter them into the Golden Demon this year so I am taking my time.

 I think this guy is my new favorite, replacing the original model I had painted.

I also took the opportunity to test updating some of my older Plaguebearers to fit in more with my new scheme. They are pretty similar with the main difference (besides amount of time spent and level of skill) is the black horns, more subtle shadows, more realistic rusted metals and the bases. Here is one of my old guys unaltered.

And one of them with the alterations mentioned above.

While clearly still a step behind the newer ones he definitely fits in better.

I recently played my second game of 6th edition the other week (I know I need to play more) and have decided I need to finish painting the rest of my zombies. I put together another 10 or so and got 5 of them done. These guys are a lot of fun to paint and best of all they are relatively quick. The skin is just a base color with a wash followed by a layer and a highlight, which is a lot less steps then I normally do. Despite the quickness of them I think they look great for tabletop standards.  

I only got pictures of 3 of them before I ran out of room on my camera.

Hopefully my next post will feature some finished commissions,

Tyler M.

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  1. Any hope of finally getting a step-by-step for the Plaguebearers?