Sunday, June 24, 2012


I know it's been awhile since I last posted on here, life has been busy lately. I recently moved to a new apartment and I also went on a week long vacation immediately after. So after finally unpacking my painting station and supplies I decided it was about time I started on some of my Golden Demon entries.
I am going to enter some of my previous stuff that I have done but wanted to paint up a few things specifically for the competition. First up on my table is the new Savage Orc Warboss.

This guy is very WIP, I only have the basecoat and shading done, and only on the upper torso. I am trying to make a subtle gradient from the base green to a dark brown/green before doing any of the highlights. I am following a 'Eavy Metal guide for more natural looking Orc skin from a White Dwarf a few years ago.

 I plan on making his loincloth look like Lizardmen skin and giving him plenty of tattoos, not sure on designs or color yet. I am also thinking of giving him a war paint Orc skull glyph on his face. If I go that route I want to make it look worn and messy, like the Joker's from the interrogation scene in the Dark Knight. 

I will try and post more pictures of this guy as I paint him but don't be surprised if the next time you see him he is completely done.

Tyler M.

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