Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blast From the Past: Part 2

Here are the second batch of pictures I promised you, lets start with my second "completed" army after the Ultramarines.

This guy was the Lord from my Chaos army The Champions of the Emperor. I might have been borrowing heavily from the Emperor's Children minus the Slaanesh thing. This guys name is Octavius and I wrote a whole bunch of fluff for these guys including two short stories.

Several years down the line I attempted to update/redo them. In my fluff they were a recently fallen chapter and there was a rogue Inquisitor who was pretty influential within their ranks. Long story short he decided he should go back to worshiping the Big E instead of Chaos and roughly half the chapter agreed with him. One huge civil war later and Inquisitor Thorpe and his lot were on the run from everyone (The Imperium would never take a repentant traitor back into its ranks) and the remnants of the traitor Champions had fled into the Eye and become a small war band. Anyway, I decided to redo them as a Lost and the Damned list (when that still existed) and here a few of the traitors.

I also made some rough riders out of the metal chaos knight, they will be going on ebay sometime soon, as well as repainting a squad of marines. Unfortunately I already sold them on ebay awhile ago, I will try and see if I can find the pictures.

After these guys I don't think I "finished" another army until my Sons of Dorn, but here are a few test schemes that went no where, enjoy.

Word Bearers



Imperial Fists (on a RT plastic beaky marine)

Blood Axe Orks

And last but not least my Emperor's Champion from my original Sons of Dorn, back when every Space Marine chapter was allowed to have one.

Hope you enjoyed the trip back through my painting history. Soon there should be something with more of an Astral Claw flavor on here, until then, enjoy.

Tyler M.

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