Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Joker said to the Thief...

Finally finished a random Reaper mini I bought awhile ago. I have been working on him on and off between other projects. I got him and one other Reaper mini just to broaden my portfolio of finished miniatures, they can't all be from GW.

I'm rather fond of him. I think he is a pretty good sculpt, full of character, very cheap too.

I added the base to him. He already had a bit of cobblestone sculpted around his feet, so I just extended it out to the edge of the base. I also decided to add a rat and sewage drain to give him more a sense of being in a real place. I imagine he is in some port city in a desert climate (hence the sandstone base).

The other mini I bought is a female Elf mage, expect to see her painted up like a Night Elf.

Until next time, enjoy. Don't forget to vote for it on Cool Mini, Link.


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