Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Tutorials on TAP (The Army Painter that is)

*Taps microphone* Is this thing on? Wow, it's been quite a while since the last time I posted on here, but I'm back! Where have I been I hear you asking? Where can I find more of the tutorials I have come to expect from Mengel Miniatures? Read on to find out!

While I have been rather quiet over here on the blog, I have still been quite busy on my social media channels, with frequent posts and painted minis. The big news, and I have announced this on my socials previously, is that I now work for The Army Painter as their Social Media Specialist and a graphic designer. After being involved in this hobby for around 25 years I'm finally doing it full time as my real, actual job, which is amazing! I'm loving it over at The Army Painter, and have been hard at work managing their social media channels. If you've talked to anyone through their social media, 90% of the time it was likely myself you were talking to.

The small, bite sized tutorials that became a staple over here on the Mengel Miniatures social channels called Mengel Miniatures Tips, have already found a new home at The Army Painter with the Tips from the Painting Desk series. If you're a fan of what I had been doing then I highly recommend you go follow The Army Painter on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. We try and get a new one of those out every few weeks utilizing all of the paint ranges from The Army Painter, including Speedpaint and Warpaints Fanatic. I'll even be taking the plunge into airbrushing in the future with the Warpaints Air range.

The biggest news though, is that The Army Painter now has a new blog! I may know a thing or two about blogs, and I'm helping develop the one over there along with a team of talented people. We have everything from tips about how to best use our paints, to coverage of events we're going to, and various other hobby articles. We recently launched the Arena of Escalation, which is an ongoing hobby series focusing on 12 of our best hobbyists, myself included, as we all build and paint a 2,000 point Warhammer 40K army over a 9 month period, culminating in a day of games in December when we're all over at the main offices in Denmark for the holiday party.

One of the most exciting things to me though, is a new series that is live now called The Army Painter Academy! This is the return of the step-by-step painting tutorial format which has been a fan favorite over here. I'll be kicking off the first few, but it won't necessarily just be myself producing them. The first article features a Dark Angel Intercessor and shows you how to paint it with pictures for each step along the way.

I'm very excited to see this one launched, and the next entry in the series is already planned. If you've been a fan of the work I've done here, on Goonhammer, and on WarCom, then I definitely recommend you go check it out and save the link to the blog section to stay up to date on all future additions to the series.

While a lot of my hobby content will be posted over there now, I'll still have stuff for Mengel Miniatures as well, so this blog isn't dead. I already have a few ideas for some future articles here, it'll just be a bit slower.

I really hope everyone enjoys the new Army Painter Academy articles and let me know what you would like to see covered there in the future.

Until next time,

Tyler M. 

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