Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chaos Ascends

As I promised here is my next update about some of the more Chaotic things I have been painting.

The only things I have really done for my Chaos army since Games Day is finish up my Blight Drone, and a few odds and ends.

My Blight Drone.

I am really happy with it and would consider entering it into the Golden Demon if the cast had been better. Unfortunately a lot of the tubes have flash between them and the Drone's body. I couldn't clean it without removing the tube completely and putting in a new tube so a good chunk of it got left alone.

Some Chosen conversions.

They are a little bit further along now although I don't know if I can top the ax guy. Him and the melta guy are my favorites with the powerfist having a lot of potential. I just ordered some Dragon Forge pewter tubes to spice these guys up a bit.

And last but not least my first member of my Black Legion allied detachment. 

I plan on having these Warp Talons, a Dark Apostle and probably two 5 man squads of Chosen. They are merely there for fun and from a fluff perspective I will be writing into my Death Guard army.

~Tyler M.

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