Friday, February 15, 2013

Snow Globe

Hey everyone, today's update is actually unrelated to wargaming. My girlfriend's birthday was this past month and she loves snow globes so I thought, hey, that's something I can make.
After much thinking on how the best way to approach the project I finally settled on trying to find some of the parts pre-made. It is surprisingly hard to find any modern day minis that are not war related though. The torsos and legs are from a low quality model train figure I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I then decided on a pose and started making armatures and sculpting the basic bulk of the arms. Originally the heads were going to be hand sculpted too, but with the time crunch I had I decided it was out of my ability. Re enter the dilemma of finding appropriate minis. These heads were donated from some Reaper models, the girl head was a little to large, but what could I do.

I knew I wanted us to be in winter clothes do to it being a snow globe so sculpted our pea coats that we both wear. I have the same hat I wear all the time and she has a scarf she always wears so I knew they had to be included. Anything that would make it more identifiable as us since the heads were slightly off. Our dog, Daisy, was sculpted from scratch and I left most of the detail to be painted on, again because of time issues. The leash actually gave me a lot of trouble until I decided to switch from a plasticard strip to a paper clip. I have learned that I really enjoy sculpting hands.

When it came to painting I stuck to the color of clothes we had but made her pea coat red. She has a red one but mostly wears a black one. I just wanted to break up the color a bit. I knew this was going to be partly obscured by the globe so I didn't worry about making it Golden Demon quality.

I got the actual globe as a kit from an online store. When I first put the mini in the water all of the snow dissolved off of the base, apparently PVA glue doesn't hold up under water. After draining it and cleaning it up a bit I went with a simply white painted base figuring that the snow from the kit would cover up the base most the time anyway.

In the end I was really happy with it, and more importantly so was my girlfriend. I really liked that I got to use my hobby talents towards something for her.

Hope you guys enjoyed this,

Tyler M.


  1. I am totally going to steal this idea.

    1. Go for it! It makes a great gift idea for the people in your life who don't wargame, yet you still want to share your hobby with.