The Endless Deserts: An Unofficial Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Supplement

Here are the collected rules supplements for The Endless Deserts for Age of Sigmar. So far there is a Time of War ruleset and a Battleplan with more on the way. If you click the option to "pop out", or open the PDF in a separate window, in the top right corner you can download it from there.

You can find the original posts with these supplements below:

The Age of Sigmar: Time of War - The Endless Deserts
The Age of Sigmar: Battleplan - Kill the Messenger
The Age of Sigmar: Vital Objectives Rule Set
The Age of Sigmar: Tomb King Ability Cards

Time of War: The Endless Deserts

Battleplan: Kill the Messenger

Vital Objectives

Ability Cards

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